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Intercultural Leadership & Church Relations (ILCR)

ILCR functions as part of the infrastructure of Taylor University focused on living out these pillars pictured in our seal:

Keep God at the center of the work we are doing

Build on strengths of the individuals and the organization


Celebrate and engage in intercultural & church relations efforts


Recognize the struggles experienced by others


Provide amazing hospitality as we care for each other

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By the numbers

Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations at Taylor University

What makes Taylor Special?

Answer: You!

Total Ethnic Minority Population at Taylor:

Ethnic Minorities
Ethnic Minorities

Breakdown of minority population:

Black/African American
Native American/Alaskan
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
Two or more races

Where are we from at Taylor University?

One community from many places.
Some examples of where we are coming from:

*highlighted countries indicate students currently attending Taylor University

Total Student Body

0 %


0 %


Rev. Gregory Dyson

Vice President for Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations

Jireh Bagyendera

MAHE Graduate Student
Church Relations Summer Staff

Ellie Moon

Secretary for the Office of Intercultural Programs

Nathan Chu

Director of International Programs

Sierra Twigg

Presidential Fellow

Maribel Magallanes

Director of Student Leadership and Cultural Programs

Ron Korfmacher

Director of Church Relations

Elissa Bennett

Administrative Assistant for Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations

Sara Kabaraga

ILCR Student Staff

Taylor University

Experience Christ on our Campus

Thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Don't forget a little fun Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered for a moment of childish fun.

Hearing the Heart of our Leadership

Maribel Magallanes, Director of Student Leadership & Cultural Programs shares her passion.

The Office of Intercultural Programs (OIP)

The Office of Intercultural Programs (OIP) exists as part of the Intercultural Leadership & Church Relations Division to meet the specific needs of American ethnic students, international students, missionary kids (MKs), and third-culture kids (TCKs) at Taylor University. The mission of OIP is to cultivate a safe and welcoming environment that provides educational and experiential opportunities for all students, staff, and faculty. Our programs promote racial reconciliation, global engagement, and highlight the beauty of God’s creation in every person.

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