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Dr. Julia Hurlow

Dr. Julia Hurlow is an avid traveler nationally and internationally, while currently residing in a rural neighborhood in Indiana. Creating spaces for people to gather, share meals, and explore the outdoors in all seasons are essential elements of her life’s rhythms. With a master’s degree in counseling as well as a doctorate in semiotics and future studies, she appreciates finding redemptive meaning through remembering, lamenting, and celebrating. Her current work as an assistant professor at a university entails educating, offering spiritual direction, speaking, and writing. She is the author of the book: Transcendence at the Table: A Transfigurational Experience While Breaking Bread Together. More information can be found at juliahurlow.com Cheers to what is to come!

Michael D. Mortensen

Michael D. Mortensen is an enthusiastic speaker who has spoken, traveled, and served around the world. He believes it is wrong to bore people with God’s word, so he uniquely communicates with sincerity, humor, and practicality. Mortensen is a fourth-generation pastor who passionately loves people from all walks of life. He grew up inner-city, working with his parents, whose two churches for 42 years demonstrated Christ’s love to the poor and needy, and he has served the past 25 years on the Taylor University Advancement team with a one-year absence to be a short-term missionary with World Partners USA. Presently, he is the Director of Scholarships at Taylor University, where he graduated with a Communication Studies degree in 1991. Michael is currently working on his Masters of Ministry (MAM) from Taylor. Michael and his wife, Christine, have four adult children, two grandchildren, and a son now with Jesus. The Mortensens live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Michael also serves at his high school alma mater, South Side High School, as a statistician for the boys’ basketball team and a public address announcer.
Favorite Topics:
• Prayer
• Hope
• Stewardship
• Missions/Outreach
• Overcoming Loss & Disappointment

Dr. Jeff Aupperle

Jeff Aupperle is the Director of Calling and Career at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana where he teaches and provides counsel to students on matters of vocation. He has also served as a licensed and ordained minister in the Missionary Church denomination since 2005. Jeff lives in Upland, Indiana with his wife Rachel and their three children, Reid, Jaelynn, and Jonas.

Jeff holds a PhD in Educational Leadership and Administration from Indiana State University, an MA in Higher Education and Student Development from Taylor University, and a BA in Christian Ministries from Bethel University. He is also the author of: The Light of Knowledge: How James Bradley and the Lane Rebels Forever Changed American Higher Education (2021).