A Bridge Between Cultures

by Kwame Asamoah

My first-half experience of Taylor University as an International Student

I once heard a quote that I find myself constantly thinking about when I am asked to reflect on my college experience. “University means unity in diversity.” In some ways, I have found this to be true at Taylor. Being an international student at Taylor has helped me find people who are like me. People who are a bridge between cultures. Doing life with MKs, TCKs and other students and faculty who have lived cross-culturally has helped me come to a better understanding of my identity. It has helped me come to peace with the diversity I find within myself as a consequence of my experiences.  

During the hiatus that COVID-19 forced last year, I came to realize that the people of Taylor University make the community what it is. Upland, Indiana is a desolate place without the people of the Taylor community. This realization made me appreciate the community that Taylor provides all the more when we returned to campus for the fall semester.  

Being a predominantly white institution, the diversity I have found at Taylor comes in a unique way and with a challenge. It takes the form of variety in thought and opinion. This kind of diversity takes a lot more to appreciate. The diversity Taylor provides requires intentionality – especially from the minorities present. This is not necessarily a weakness, though. And it is a challenge that Taylor encourages its students to embrace.  

I am thankful for my Taylor experience because it shows me what it means to be human, and it encourages me to overcome the struggle that being human presents.  

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