Meet Annie Pearl Avery

We were preparing for our bus tour to leave Selma on our way to Montgomery. A few local folks were also there, sitting in their cars reflecting on the site at the base of the Edmund Pettis Bridge. Dr. Barbara Bird, one of our group leaders, spoke with one such person. As we loaded the bus, Dr. Bird ran up to me, “You’ll never believe it- I’m speaking to Annie Pearl Avery!” she exclaimed. Ms. Pearl is a woman of the movement. She was acquainted with Dr. King and remembers vividly being a teenager and desiring to participate in the freedom rides, but being young and not having her parent’s permission. Annie and a friend snuck off to the bus station, hoping to be a part of history. The Freedom riders were being assaulted across town at another bus station. She and her friend were at the wrong stop! This was just one of the stories that Annie shared. She would say, “I’m not too much into public speaking, but I can tell you a story you need to know.” Annie believes that history is being lost. “I want the young ones to know what happened. Especially the young black kids. Many of them just don’t know this history”. We left Selma that day with a friend. Get to know Annie Pearl Avery. She shares her story at

Annie Pearl Avery

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