Meet Jireh Bagyendera

Meet the Taylor University Summer Intern, Jireh Bagyendera.

Jireh Bagyendera is a second year Masters of Higher Education (MAHE) student from Kampala, Uganda. This summer, Jireh began working as a student staff member for Taylor University’s Church Relations department. His favorite part of working with Church Relations is his friendship with Ron Korfmacher, Director of Church Relations, and Rev. Greg Dyson, Vice President for Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations. Jireh says his friendships with these two men make the work more enjoyable. Currently, God is reminding Jireh to talk with Him ceaselessly and to abound in praise. Jireh is looking forward to mentoring students, continuing his master’s degree, and pursuing a Doctorate in Education next year at Ball State University. 

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