Thirty years in pastoral ministry has convinced me of the challenge it can be to pull away and connect with the community outside of the congregation I am caring for. Prayer meetings, potluck dinners, Bible studies, choir rehearsals, youth group trips, funerals, weddings, hospital visits, and sermons all mean my time was parceled into meaningful and time-consuming moments that left little opportunity for thoughtful engagement with the world around me that was not directly connected to our church. But in those extended moments, where we broke the rules and found time anyway, proximity became the important factor that opened the door to more possibilities. The place, people, and events that were physically closest to me were given the highest priority. I am honored that we have designed a space especially for those in ministry to share, experience, ponder and collaborate. This space is being used by those churches & Christian ministries who have found the value of proximity and are within a few hours of our campus. We see the value of the local church and do not charge for the use of this space. In some cases, weary ministry leaders use this space to rest. We desire that when they leave they are more connected to Christ than when they entered. All have been pleasantly surprised by this resource. They especially love that it is close by and was built for them. Grateful to serve in proximity.

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